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WonderWiz™ Brain Improvement Device

WonderWiz™ Brain Improvement Device

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Revolutionize the way your child learns math. Look no further than the WonderWiz™ Brain Improvement Device, the ultimate tool designed to make math engaging, interactive, and oh-so-easy for young learners. Say goodbye to tedious textbooks and embrace a fun-filled learning experience that will inspire your child's mathematical brilliance!

Create Math Equations in Seconds!

Simply roll the WonderWiz™ onto a sheet of paper, and watch as math equations come to life. With its quick-drying ink, you'll have accurate and vibrant equations in mere seconds. Say goodbye to tedious writing and hello to a seamless math experience

Smudge Proof & Fade Resistant!

Engineered for longevity, this ink roller is built to last, ensuring countless math equations can be reproduced without compromise. The ink's smudge-proof and fade-resistant formula guarantees crisp, legible results that stand the test of time.

Reusable & Recyclable!

Steps to Add Ink

  1. Open the oil cap
  2. Place 5~6 drops of ink oil into the nozzle
  3. Close the oil cap
  4. Enjoy never-ending Math equations!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my purchase?

Every order includes -

  • 1 WonderWiz™ Brain Improvement Device
  • 1 Ink Refill
  • 1 Carrying Case

How do I purchase more ink?

Simply add as many ink refills as you desire when placing your products in your cart and feel free to return for more ink refills at any time.

Do you offer teacher or bulk order discounts?

Absolutely! Here at Blissful Poise we love celebrating our educators and are here to make their noble jobs easier. Simply email our customer service team at and one of our team members will respond with discount package made to fit your needs!

What are the specifications of this product?

  • Material: High Benzene Plastic & Rubber
  • Weight: 52g
  • Size: 3.3in*2.1in*1.3in
  • Size: 8.5cm*5.5cm*3.5cm